About Us

The most affordable price, the most convenient service and the best quality are always our ultimate goals.

Honey Kiss is a new click-and-mortar retail company which began it’s journey originating from Sydney. It is a new retail model which predominantly utilizes the internet as a platform in delivering its online services. It is designed to ensure consumers receive optimal physical retail experiences with the assistance of advanced technologies, such as large databases and artificial intelligence. Through the launch of our self-developed app, we hope to successfully promote our company as well as offer collaborations with other premium brands.

It’s hard these days to find meals and snacks that are both healthy and tasty. From our central kitchen, we source the freshest ingredients and incorporate the most heartfelt cooking techniques by our chefs that have previously had 5 star hotel culinary experience. Our meat products contain no artificial flavours or preservatives, but contain high protein and calcium which are great for both children and adults.

We are not only the creators of delicious and healthy foods, but strive to be the connection between families and friends. Whether you are at home with family, or at a social gathering with friends, conveniently sharing ultimate happiness is always our ultimate goal.

Gourmet food

We specialize in both Western and Asian style gourmet food, healthy meats, vegetable snacks, cakes and sweets. We also cater to those who may be vegetarian or vegan.


In addition, we have our own fashion brands. Our independent fashion designers specialize in the latest trendy designs ranging from clothing and accessories to homewares.


We’d also like to provide a better online platform for other retail brands and promote collaboration with other premium brands both locally and interstate.