Ready To Cook

Order on the day, delivery on the next week day, free pick-up service available in some areas.

You can order your favorite semi-finished foods anytime, anywhere. Our semi-finished foods, ingredient are all ready and clean. We offer many choices, oven-processed, Chinese-style stir-fry and so on. You just need about 5 minutes at home, you can eat your own cooking dishes.Especially suitable for those who like cook, but cooking skills is not that good. Convenient and easy to operate, you don't have to worry about how to make a tasty dish, because you make the same taste as the chef. Call your friends to enjoy your own cooking dishes together!

Honey chicken wings
Cheese and vegetables
Butter oyster mushroom
Mao cai
Pickled fish

Ready To Eat

Order on the day, delivery on the next week day, free pick-up service available in some areas.

Freshly cooked, easy to preserve meals daily. All meals can be eaten immediately. Hot food only needs to be heated by microwave oven or other heating equipment. Cold food is our carefully processed food. At the same time, the food retains the most natural taste.Tips: If you have a party with friends, the Ready to eat of the Kiss menu is a very good choice, order some delicious meals, do not have to cook it by yourself, but also save yourself money and time from eating out to find a parking space, high price, the taste and so on.

Stewed beef
Peanut and green soy bean
Beef Curry with rice


After the order is placed within about 30 minutes, you will receive our Flash delivery.

For your immediate meal needs, meet the convenience you want to get your meals quickly. At present, we only provide convenience stores, supermarkets, partnership restaurants in the suburbs and delivery services for Chinese snacks in certain areas.Our Flash delivery services will be available in most areas of Sydney.

Xin Ramen